about Ruth

Bear-O Care (BOC) is a non-profit organization founded in Dec. 2015 by Michael and Ruth Braga and Trudi O’Brien. As state-contracted Medicaid providers through DSPD/DHS, we provide care for individuals who have multiple disabilities. Our current customers are adults with complex needs and their families, but because of our comfort with feeding tubes/medical complexities, we are getting requests to expand and offer daycare specifically for infants-toddlers who have feeding tubes. This expansion would allow mothers an opportunity to pursue their educational and occupational goals.

Utilization of Funds
Our goal for these funds is to purchase items that pursue the health and safety considerations for the needs of this population. Having these items provided up front helps us focus our initial investment and set up in other areas, such as insurance, utilities, property, and training. BOC has been debt free from the time of establishment and we intend to continue this pathway.
Growth of Business:
This grant will assist us in opening a place where mothers of children with complex needs can receive emotional support, a break from the intensities of medical caregiving, and un-compromised opportunities to get jobs and support their own families. As owners, we hope to mentor moms through their educational, occupational and family pursuits, ultimately building the next generation of caregivers and educators.

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