Pitch Example Video

Watch Ann Atkins from Meth Mob, one of our past year winners, as she shares her business pitch.

Pitch Tips:

  1. Be natural – get comfortable with your pitch. You don’t want to sound like a pre-recorded program.
  2. Have passion – communicate your passion for who you are and what you do, yet show some restraint.
  3. Make them care – introduce yourself and address a problem/need right out. Explain the benefits your company can offer to solve problem/fill need.
  4. Be clear – if you’re trying to win over a client, or investor let them know exactly what you want from them.
  5. Leave them wanting a little more – don’t try to pack in too much. Give just a couple of details but nothing that can be internalized as confidential. Explain your expertise, why you are best suited for the execution and a general overview.
  6. Know your audience – if you know who you will be presenting to in advance, research your audience: the company – key decision makers (Internet, LinkedIn, may be Social Media if appropriate). Understand who they work with and what they like. Build a relationship with the audience based on what you know will interest them.
  7. Show your knowledge of your industry – share your expertise on a subject without selling. Give them a reason to trust you and want to listen to what you have to say.
  8. Have a clear goal in mind – focus on what you want to accomplish in your few minutes.
  9. Get audience participation – ask a question – in beginning, middle and end to keep their attention throughout the presentation.
  10. Introduction – make sure to introduce your company and your name in the beginning and at the end as well.
  11. End with a call to action – (when appropriate) for your next ……. Emergency, remember to call…. Please don’t hesitate to call…. I look forward to discussing what ……company can do for you for your next……. Project/event/etc….
  12. Be personable – you can’t sell before someone knows a little about you as a person rather than a business or product. Be authentic as well.
  13. Demonstrate – especially if it is a product, hands-on experience it is always great

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